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Why Pedersen’s for Your Next Event?


Pedersens is frequently recognized by industry partners and competitors as a pioneer in the event industry. With a huge list of “Pedersen’s firsts”, we consistently lead in introducing new inventory into the marketplace. We are constantly researching new products and educating our staff on the latest trends.


Pedersens offers mélange of patterns, styles, colours, and innovative equipment. With more than 1800 different rental products and over 500,000 items in stock, we offer an unrivaled selection. Our inventory is constantly improving, with purchasing happening year-round. You can view our entire range of product any time in our online catalog.


The Celebration Experts is a name we earned by offering distinct service and memorable events for over 60 years. From sales associates to delivery personnel, our staff is highly trained and have event planning and site logistics experience. Our large fleet of trucks can service last minute requests and accommodate deliveries whenever and wherever you need them. Pedersens has become synonymous with flexibility and efficiency in the event marketplace.


As a supplier of Riedel crystal, fine china, and many other exclusive products, it is a part of our fundamental vision to offer a superior rental product. Our inventory is impeccably maintained, without exception or compromise.

Environmental Responsibility

At Pedersens, environmental initiatives are happening at all levels within our organization – from simple efforts to reduce energy on a daily basis, to aggressively seeking to minimize packaging of goods.

Energy Conservation and Recycling

In 2008, we installed a high efficiency dishwasher and laundry system. These new machines dramatically reduce the amount of water and detergents needed to meet health and safety standards. We have also established a successful recycling program within our operation for cardboard, paper, cans, bottles, and plastic.

Reusable Packaging

We use 100% biodegradable plastic bags, as well as reusable plastic boxes and bins for storing and shipping.

Environmentally Friendly Catalogs

Our catalog is available online and we continue to reduce the number of printed copies each year. Our catalog is printed on recycled paper with 30% post consumer content.

We're pleased with the eco-friendly practices introduced so far, but are constantly trying to do more. For example, we're researching bio-diesel as a fuel option for our vehicles, and working to improve energy efficiency across all our operation. As individuals and as a company, we feel a responsibility to contribute to a more environmental future.