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Birthday celebrations, cocktails, and more

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Make every occasion memorable

Giving a party doesn't have to be intimidating, stressful or exhausting. With savvy planning and a good checklist, you'll be relaxed and have time to connect with guests.

We know a few things about successful events. Whatever your occassion – dinner or cocktail party, birthday or anniversaries, theme night or backyard BBQ – we've got tips to help you throw a great party. It's not the color of napkins they'll remember, but the overall party experience.

If you have tips or ideas for special occassions, let us know so we can share them.

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Entertaining 101

Entertaining can be easy – no need to clean the whole house, cook everything, or spend a fortune. Learn the basics of invitations, decor, food, liquor, and more.

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Money Saving Tips

If you like to entertain, don't let dollars and cents stop you! Here are some great ideas for how to trim party expenses and still have a great time.

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