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Have an 'in-tents experience'

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Outdoor Event Planner

If you are planning to have outdoor event somewhere in the beautiful Pacific Northwest then our planner will walk you through some need to know information. We hope to point you in the right direction "Before you Begin!"

In most cases an outdoor celebration will include tenting so we also provide information on how an "In-Tents" event does not have to be intense. Be gutsy, be curious, and be creative.

Outdoor Planning Highlights

An "In Tents" Event

An outdoor event reflects your personal style and is truly unique. Let us walk you through the steps to planning a successful tented event!

Tips for Event Tenting

Before You Begin

© Culinary Catering

Get started on the right foot and consider all of these factors before you commit to an out of doors event for your wedding or special occasion.

Getting Started