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Popular cocktail recipes

Cocktail Guidelines

Liquor Consumption

Here's a guide for how much liquor to buy for common events. When in doubt, buy extra!

  • 1 hour cocktail reception before dinner – 2 drinks per person for cocktails plus 2 to 2½ glasses of wine per person for dinner
  • 2 hour cocktail party – 3 drinks per person
  • 4 hour dinner party – 3 to 4 drinks per person

Drinks per Bottle

Note that these amounts will vary depending on size of glass, amount of ice, and strength of mixed drinks.

  • 1litre bottle of alcohol is 20-22 drinks
  • 750 mL bottle of wine is 4-6 glasses
  • 1 litre bottle of soda is 5-7 glasses
  • 750 mL bottle of champagne is 6 very generous glasses. For a champagne toast, assume 75 glasses per case of champagne.

Stocking a 50-Guest Bar

Here's a good starting point for serving 50 guests at a full bar affair:

  • 2 litres vodka
  • 1 small bottle dry vermouth for martinis
  • 1 litre each of rum ,blended scotch, bourbon, tequila, triple sec and gin
  • 1 bottle Rose’s lime juice
  • 1 bottle Worcestershire sauce
  • 1 bottle of Tobasco
  • 4 litres each of orange and cranberry juice
  • 2 litres each or grapefruit and tomato juice
  • 6 litres of tonic water, seltzer, cola, diet cola, and club soda
  • 10 bottles each of red and white wine
  • 2 cases of beer

Chilling Out

Pedersens will deliver fresh ice right to your door. We can deliver cubed ice to your event in insulated coolers to save you a trip out to purchase your own ice on the day of your event.

  • Plan on 1½ lbs of ice person and 2½ pounds per person if you are also chilling bottles.
  • Plan to pack bottles in ice for two hours to properly chill them before guests arrive.

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