5 Foot Charcoal Cradle Rotisserie

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Make your outdoor event something to remember. A 5ft charcoal fired motor driven cradle will be the centre of attention and provide something to talk about for weeks after your event. Electricity is required to drive the motore for the cradle.

Rotisserie cannot be disassembled for transport.

Length: 6 feet

Width: 20"

Height: 54"

Usable portion of the cradle: 54"

Can carry 100 lbs if perfectly balanced.

Operating Instructions

  1. Open the cradle rotisserie
  2. Insert meat into the rotisserie and using wire/chicken wire, secure the meat to the steel rods as tightly as possible. As the meat cooks, it will shrink.  Be prepared to tighten the metal ties several times during cooking (have pliers on hand for the wire) 
  3. Close the opening and tie it shut
  4. Plug the motor in to check the rotation of the spit. After a few rotations unplug the motor
  5. Pour charcoal into the foil lined pan, 30lbs is good to start, and light the coals
  6. Build the coals along the edge of the pan, never putting the charcoal directly under the meat because the outside of the meat will be burnt before the inside is cooked. The fat that drips from the meat during cooking can cause flame ups if you do not catch the drips with a steel pan (never use foil pans)
  7. As the meat cooks, add extra charcoal at the end of the pan and spread the burning coals along the sides of the pan once they are hot
  8. Plug in the motor and the spit will begin to rotate

Helpful Hints

  • Place the spit in a sheltered area, breeze will add to the cooking time.
  • Allow 1 ½ lbs of meat (uncooked) per person.
  • Place narrow steel pans or sand directly under the spit to catch the fat.  Hot fat can catch on fire and scorch the meat. 
  • You will use approximately 10 lbs of charcoal per hour in addition to the 30lbs you start with.

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