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2018 Wedding Planning Checklist

2018 Wedding Planning Checklist

Newly engaged? Envisioning a summer 2018 wedding? Now’s the time to start planning! The beginning stages of wedding planning can be overwhelming so we’ve outlined a 12-month checklist to help guide you in planning your special day. But before diving into the planning timeline, there are a couple of important tips that we’d like to highlight.

First, before starting any planning, lay out what you want in your wedding and develop a detailed, realistic budget. This is very important, as it will ensure that you're only looking at wedding options that you can afford. Second, decide on a date, as you can’t do much planning without one. Once both of these factors have been decided on, it’s time to jump in and start planning your wedding!

12 months prior

  • Make a list of must-haves in your wedding and develop a realistic budget
  • Decide on a date
  • Have an engagement party
  • Decide on wedding party
  • Look for a wedding planner (if you’re using one)
  • Develop a rough estimate of the guest list number so you the know venue size requirement
  • Look for and book ceremony and reception sites

8 – 10 months prior

  • Create and finalize the guest list
  • The bride should start gown shopping
  • Think about reception food, entertainment, lighting, and floral decor
  • Research and decide on a photographer
  • Make accommodation arrangements for out-of-town guests
  • Contact Pedersen’s Event Rentals for all ceremony and reception needs

6 – 8 months prior

  • Create and send save-the-date cards
  • Shop for bridesmaid dresses
  • Book ceremony and reception entertainment
  • Start planning the honeymoon

4 – 6 months prior

  • Decide on wedding invitations
  • Wedding ring shopping
  • Time for groom to shop for formal wear
  • Research what kind of cake you want and find a cake designer

3 months prior

  • Cake tasking and ordering
  • Have a wedding shower (usually planned by Maid of Honor)
  • Arrange day-of transportation

2 months prior

  • Send wedding invitations
  • Start writing vows
  • Purchase gifts for parents and bridal party
  • Book a hairstylist and makeup artist, and try out different looks

1 month prior

  • Apply for your marriage license
  • Final gown fitting - bring your Maid of Honor so she knows how to style the dress
  • Ensure bridesmaids all have properly fitted dresses
  • Start making the master song list and choose important songs
  • Create the wedding program and print
  • Confirm vendors

2 weeks prior

  • Review final RSVP list and follow up with those that haven't responded
  • Create list of must-have shots for photographer and include who will be in formal family photos
  • Deliver final song list to DJ
  • Bride should get final haircut and colour
  • Groom should have his final fitting of formalwear
  • Create seating chart

1 week prior

  • Provide reception site and caterer with final guest numbers
  • Provide site manager a list of vendor contact info and requirements such as setup times and space needed for equipment
  • Create and print place cards
  • Call Pedersen’s and all other vendors to confirm arrangements
  • Have fun at the Bachelor and Bachelorette parties

3 days prior

  • Press brides gown if needed
  • Groom to ensure all groomsmen have everything they need
  • Determine wedding party processional and ceremony positions
  • Provide venue with place cards, seating chart, and everything else they might need for setup
  • Reconfirm details with vendors
  • Ensure out-of-town guests have rides from airport

The day before

  • Provide all wedding professionals (planner, site manager, vendors, etc.) with emergency contact info
  • Write cheques and speak to wedding hosts about what needs to be paid

The night before

  • Rehearsal ceremony with the wedding party, immediate family, and officiant
  • Give marriage license to the officiant
  • Relax and enjoy the food at the rehearsal dinner
  • Present wedding party with gifts

Wedding day (Congratulations!)

  • Present parents with gifts
  • Give wedding bands to Best Man and Maid of Honor
  • Introduce site manager to Maid of Honor so she can answer questions throughout the day
  • Get married!

Post Wedding

  • Prearrange for the return of your wedding rentals. Remember, Pedersen’s doesn’t require rentals to be clean!
  • Have Maid of Honor take brides gown for cleaning
  • Write and send thank you cards

So there you have it, a 12-month checklist to help keep you on track with planning your wedding. Remember to develop and stick to a realistic budget, to plan everything with ample time, and to contact Pedersen’s to help you with all of your rental needs for your special day!

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