Propane Oven (non convection)

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$192.00 per event For details on our rental pricing, click here

This full size oven is large enough to accept a full size sheet pan (18 x 26"). Propane is required to heat this oven but it DOES NOT require electrcity because it is not a convection oven and there are no cooking fans. Convenient for venues where you do not have access to a power source. This oven comes with 2 shelves. One propane tank is included in the rental rate.

Exterior Dimensions: Height 36.5",  Width 36.5",  Depth 37"
Interior Dimensions: Height 14",  Width 26.5", Depth 22.5"

  1. Turn on the propane at the source (propane tank) 5 minutes prior to lighting the oven
  2. Locate pilot starter button (Red) on the front under the oven door
  3. Hold the pilot button for 3 – 5 minutes (not to exceed 5 minutes).  Please be extremely patient as this step is critical to the successful lighting of your oven
  4. Continue to press red starter button.  Hold flame to the pilot burner.
  5. Once the pilot lights, continue to hold the button for another 30 – 60 seconds.  The pilot light should remain lit.  Set temperature gauge to desired position.
  6. Release the red button.  If the pilot light remains on, you may proceed to use the oven.


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