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Featured rental products

Radford Flatware

Designed in Europe by English designer Robert Welsh, this sleek high quality stainless steel will enhance the table settings at your next event. Our Radford flatware line offers a large variety of pieces in many shapes and sizes and will certainly impress your most discerning guests.

Find in Catalog @ Dining > Flatware > Radford

Mini Dishes

Mini dishes can be used to enhance any cocktail reception where food is your main focus. We are pleased to release a trio of new "minis" that you can unveil at your next gathering.

Oval Glass Mini Dish - Great for soup sippers or something as simple as crudites and dip! 

3" Cassolette with handles - Perfect for something served fresh out of the oven like individual mac and cheese or mini fruit crumbles.

2 1/2" Mini Cup - Can be used for all things hot or cold - try them with dips or condiments on any individual display. A perfect fit on our 4x10" rectangular plate if you want to serve a duo or trio of food items.

Find in Catalog @ Dining > China&Dishware > Mini Dishes

Rectangle Plate 4½ x 10"

Customize your culinary showcase with this contemporary plate exclusive to Pedersens. Mix and match this geometric china with our other white china patterns and shapes. Versatile, sleek, and practical, this rectangle plate can be used for casual or upscale food presentation.

Find in Catalog @ Dining > Dishware > Misc.

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