6 Questions to ask before planning

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Before planning your event ask yourself these six questions:

  1. What type of event are you hosting?
    This could include a cocktail reception, gala, anniversary celebration, customer appreciation event, conference, ground breaking, grand opening, or executive retreat and incentive program.
  2. Why are you holding this event?
    What is the purpose of the event and what do you hope to accomplish? Set goals based on the purpose and desired outcomes of the event.
  3. Who is coming to the event and what is the preliminary agenda?
    A preliminary guest list and agenda will help determine criteria for a venue like size and amenities that are required.
  4. When are you going to hold this event?
    Selecting an event date early helps reduce anxiety and will give you the most options.  You will also need to decide if the event will take place during or after office hours or on a weekend. A date and time must be selected before contacting venues, caterers, and other suppliers.
  5. What is your budget?
    A budget will help determine the number of guests, venue, and type of event.
  6. What deadlines do you need to meet?
    Create a timeline which shows the dates that final decisions need to be made in order for your event to go smoothly.  Such as ordering materials, signing contracts, paying deposits, and confirming final numbers.

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