Hand Washing Cart

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This self contained electric hand washing station is perfect for your off premise event. It is designed for hand washing only and does not contain a filter to purify drinking water. Good for up to 70 hand washings with hot and cold water. Approved by City of Vancouver Health Authority. This item is not available for customer pick up.

Dimensions: L 40.56in x W 32.5in x H 45.5in
2x 5 gal(US) Fresh Water Tanks
2x 7 gal(US) Dirty Water Tanks
Weight empty: 206 lbs
Weight full: 286 lbs

Requirements: 12.5 Amps-120 Volts-1500 Watts
Electricity is required to operate.

  1. Before you start, check to see that the clean water tanks are full and waste tanks are empty.
  2. Plug into a dedicated 15 amp power source.  If an extension cord is required, do NOT use a cord longer than 25 feet and no lighter than an AWG 12/3 grounded cord.  A lighter cord will not deliver enough power to heat the water and could damage the pump and heater unit.
  3. If the water stops flowing then your water tank is probably empty. 
    1. The sink has 2 water tanks. Switch the hose to the full water tank. 
    2. At the same time you will need to remove the full waste water tank and move the drain spout into the empty waste water tank.  This will remove the risk of sewage running onto the floor around the sink.  Dispose of sewage before you move the sink.
  4. This sink is to be used for hand washing only.  It is not to be used for washing pots, pans or dishes.

 This sink has been tested at our facility before you receive it. Do not tamper with the internal electric connections. They are preset properly. Use only the external electric cord.

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