Hot Water Boiler 40 Cup

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Height: 17"

Diameter: 8.25"
120 Volts
750 Watts when heating / 100 Watts to keep warm

These hot water boilers boil up to 40 cups of water. While these machines are boiling you will not be able to plug anything else into the same circuit or you will definitely blow a fuse. Often plugs on the same wall are also on the same circuit so you should be aware of this before you start the machine. To be used for water only.

Hot Water Boiler 40 Cup Operating Instructions

1. Confirm the switch is in the “OFF” position and the thermostat is set to 0 (zero).

2. Fill the urn at least half full with cool water to ensure it has the minimum level required to operate but do not fill past the “MAX” line.

3. Place the lid on unit, turn clockwise to close and push the white lock tab button to the “OFF” position.

4. Plug the power cord into the back of the unit  and then into the appropriately rated outlet.

Ensure that the power supply you are using is adequate for continual usage and the voltage is correct

 5. Turn the LEFT power switch to the “ON” position. The light will illuminate to indicate the power is connected.

6. When the red indicator lights goes off and the green “Keep Warm” light goes on, the hot water is now ready to be served.

7. Should the temperature of the water drop during the keep warm stage the unit will automatically reheat itself to the boiling temperature. You will see the red light go back on during the reheating stage.

8. Note the water level of the boiler through the water level gauge. If the water level drops to the refill line you will need to add more water to avoid damaging the heater in the boiler.


  • Do not touch any hot surfaces
  • Do not immerse unit, cord or plug in liquid at any time
  • Plug only into a 3-hole grounded electrical outlet
  • Do not operate unattended
  • Always operate on a firm, dry and level surface at least 12” from walls or any other obstruction

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