Linens Frequently Asked Questions

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Linen Care & Handling

Please take the time after your event to follow a few simple procedures to ensure that all linens rented will be returned free from damage and additional charges will not be billed.

  • Allow wet linens to dry completely before bundling linen for return
  • Shake out linens to remove all garbage and remaining table décor
  • Fold and place all linens in the shipping containers provided with your order.

Linen Damage or Loss

The renter will be responsible for additional charges or replacement costs if the following occur:

  • Missing linen.
  • Permanent damage as a result of burns, rips, tears or staples.
  • Permanent stains caused by wax, grease, mildew, ink or anything else that cannot be removed with standard laundry procedures.

If you are using candles please be aware that many facilities use heating or air conditioning systems that may cause candle wax to spray or blow onto the table cloths. Consider using votive candles or candles that can catch wax drips. All wax must be removed by hand and additional cleaning charges will apply.

Food stains and spills will normally come off with our standard laundry procedures so we ask that you do not attempt to wash or iron any of your linens prior to their return.

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