Rental Contract Terms

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  1. Additional charges will apply if rental is returned later than return date.
  2. The lessee agrees not to loan, sublet, mortgage, sell or dispose of this equipment in any manner and to return same in good working order, and to pay for lost or damaged goods.
  3. The liability, disability or death of any worker or other person arising from the operation, handling or other use of the equipment during the rental period shall be that of the lessee and the lessee shall indemnify Pedersen's against all losses, expenses, costs or damages which may arise out of any action or liability for damages to property or persons occasioned by the operation, handling or other use of the equipment during the rental period, and the lessee shall effect and maintain primary All Risks insurance coverage with limits no less than the replacement cost of the equipment rented herein with respect to this indemnity. For replacement costs, please call your sales representative.
  4. Terms: Invoice payable upon receipt; 2% per month service charge on overdue accounts.
  5. Our delivery charge includes door to door delivery.
  6. The placing of this order by whatever method by the lessee constitutes acceptance of these terms, and the lessee assumes all responsibility for the equipment in accordance with these terms upon the order being fulfilled, whether by way of delivery to or as directed by the lessee or upon the equipment being made available for pickup by the lessee or the lessee’s agent.

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